Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Tanka from Undertow Magazine October 2014

Tanka Published in Undertow Online Magazine October 2014

was it absinthe                 
that green glass bottle
on the top shelf
did it swing my mother 
in the belly of the sea?

clairvoyant friend says
look for her in lunatic 
asylums but I think 
demon suicide took her
family bible stained by blood 

we'll take
the dog and the Malbec
we'll find
the highest hill for moonrise
enthralled in ancient magic

pink pearl
rising translucent 
butterfly moon
drunk on milkweed

didn't know
I was a hedgewitch
behind a creaking gate
whispering butterflies

ripe scent
of full dumpsters 
the night
before garbage day
super moon light

summer ending                
I'm still butterfly crazy
all the colors of the sun
in my whirligig eyes

high summer
poems about butterflies
across computer screens
we feel them touch our fingers

is this
the summer when
the world
incinerates itself
of just the beginning?

stars shimmering on
his purple robe
I loved the runic picture
in that antique book


  1. all fabulous! undertow is such a wonderful journal.

  2. My favorite was the one about being clairvoyant.
    I am clairvoyant.
    My second favorite was about Merlin.
    I want to be like Merlin.
    Your Tanka times ten, magnificent, to the Nth Degree.
    Now, off to subscribe to this blog... Myke