Friday, April 3, 2015

From Cleremont, A Memoir in Tanka - 5 tanka published in Undertow: Winter 2015 and Bright Stars #7


psychedelic deep                     
memories of childhood
dream shrouded
startled by huge dark wings
pen dipped in black ink

white box houses
row on row of square blocks
street after street
chalk on the sidewalks
kids walk to school

Cleremont Avenue                 
where nothing ever happens
under maple trees
my father plants roses
because he loves red

Cleremont Avenue                    
enveloped in a tree cloud 
wrapped in tacky boredom
one house like a castle
across the concrete street 

we play in the attic             
of the gingerbread castle
hiding in closets
never knowing where
the crooked man lurks

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