Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some of my poems from Bright Stars 5 - Edited by M.Kei

rose moon rise
huge honey balloon
we chase it
like we’re still some kids
howling down the street

on my street
pot smoke rises  up
to full moon
dog and I shiver
startled by dark wings

once I was
(will be) a bag lady
busking poems
on the street for coffee
one haiku for a cup

always knew
someday I’d lose it
(losing it)
bags of amygdala
in a shopping cart


no one ever
knew what to do with her
sneaking out
memorizing moonlight
rag doll in the dumpster
beneath the dead roses

Chevy Chase ladies
grace the green lawn party
like fireflies at dusk
toasting their excellent lives
one mint julep at a time


  1. This collection is a riot... Seriously, it was so much fun, rolling with the flow...
    hmmm... bag lady... blog name... coincidence?
    Glad you are back to posting here. You made my day.
    My only question you is...
    Where did you disappear to, all this time away?

  2. Thanks Mike. I stopped posting here because I wanted to publish the poems in journals. Now I'm posting poems that have already been published. And I was writing a novel.